Emery Summit ’24 1627 Infield Glove – Gray/Black


The long-anticipated Emery Spring Stock Release is here.  Made from leather hand-picked by Head Craftsman Marcus Gurule, our Emerald Series Kip leather offers the highest quality leather at the most affordable price.  Every aspect of this release was intentionally designed, and crafted for optimal performance of the most demanding player.  Each glove comes with our industry leading Diamond Service Plan.  This 24-month service will keep your gamer ready unlike any other company in the business!

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Our 1627 Infield Model is a Japanese inspired model, featuring a wider double laced heel, gap welt between index and middle finger, and a shallower pocket compared to traditional US infield models.  Glove should close thumb to middle finger depending on how you wear it.  Our 1627 Model is a great choice for High School to Professional players looking to field the ball with their palm, allowing for the quickest releases and transfers in the middle.

Glove Details:

  • Tennessee Tanned Lacing.
  • Kip palm liner for structure and durability.
  • Moisture wicking foam padded wrist liner.
  • Cabretta wrapped, foam padded thumb/pinky ties.
  • Gray rough split welting.
  • Black Snakeskin ring finger.
  • I-Web.
  • Gap welt between index and middle finger.
  • Drop knuckle lace for added support between index and ring finger.
  • White stitching
  • Embroidered E logo centered on a 2-piece wrist.