Emery Tru-Trainer


If you want to be an elite defender, you need to have elite practice and training rituals. The most common tool used among professionals is a training glove. Our 10″ Tru-Trainer gives the most authentic feel to your game glove in the industry.

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  • Same pro-grade internals used in our Diamond and Emerald Series gloves. This means Kip hand liner, cabretta padded thumb and pinky loops, high grade felt and added palm pad protection, structure and shape.  Often up-charges from other companies; standard issue in every Emery Tru-Trainer.
  • 10-inch glove with identical pocket depth as Diamond and Emerald Series. Often times, the commonly used 9.5-inch leaves balls not sticking in the pocket, especially when doing 1-hand drills.  Elite transfers are made from the pocket, not hoping to find the ball while rolling up your fingers.
  • Pro-grade “natural” Tennessee Tanning Co. laces. Play catch and field at high speeds knowing the laces will hold and protect comfortably without giving slack or breaking down quickly.
  • Identical heel lace and pad to our 1417 infield model. You’ll notice the ability to shape this trainer like your game glove, thumb and pinky breaks in particular.

Whether you wear your glove straight up, or off-set (two in pinky stall), this will be the TRUest, most realistic, most comfortable trainer you’ve ever worn. 

  • Tan Tennessee Tanned Lacing
  • Mint Kip palm liner for structure and durability
  • Moisture wicking, foam padded wrist liner
  • Cabretta wrapped, foam padded thumb/pinky ties
  • I-Web for best infield transfers
  • White welting and stitching
  • Mint binding
  • Embroidered white E logo centered on traditional wrist

Ships in 2-3 business days when in stock.