We The People


Just in time for the 4th of July, we’ve dropped this limited release, instant classic, Army Green Japanese Kip eye-opener, one that’s sure to blow you away in both style and performance. From the new American Flag E logos to the multi-cam Cordura thumb/wrist to the 1776/Star palm stamp and We The People embroidered index finger, every detail is specifically crafted to create an incredible feel with equally amazing durability. Cabretta wrapped thumb pad and moisture wicking foam wrist pad provides added comfort. Available in adult and youth models (youth model has smaller hand and finger stalls and tighter wrist). This is a LIMITED RELEASE drop, so make sure to get yours NOW.

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  • Army Green Japanese Kip. Top quality leather – buttery, soft, strong
  • Japanese Kip palm for added structure and strength
  • New American Flag E logos
  • Multi-cam Cordura 1-piece thumb/wrist, as well as connecting inner pinky and outer ring finger
  • 1776 Star palm stamp
  • We The People embroidered index finger
  • Cabretta wrapped thumb pad and Moisture Wicking foam wrist
  • Youth model comes with smaller hand and finger stalls, as well as tighter wrist. Pre-softened for an easier break in.
  • 1417 Pattern Youth OR Adult model