The company was founded by former and current players who have competed at the highest levels. We’ve studied what performs best in game, and combined that with the highest-quality leathers available in the world. Performance is our number one priority, however, we firmly believe that every glove is more than just a tool to help you perform your best. Each glove is a piece of art, a bold and unique statement that should reflect the spirit and personality of the person that puts it on their hand.

We encourage our clients to “Pursue Mastery.” That pursuit is the constant desire to get better at something that matters most to you. At Emery Glove Co., we live out that value every day, and we challenge you to do the same when wearing our products. The name Emery means “brave,” “powerful” or “ruler.” The three lines in our logo symbolize the 3 strikes, and 3 outs in the game. Elite players have elite mindsets. They pay attention to the little things on a consistent basis and thrive on positive work habits. It’s these factors that guide you, and prepare you to perform at the highest level.