💎 Emery Glove Co. Complimentary Diamond Service Plan

Your new Emery “1 of 1” is going to go through some wear and tear with regular use. And sometimes stuff happens. Something breaks or tears or wears out. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered like no other glove company on the market… 

ALL custom 1 of 1 Emery gloves sold through the Emery website include an industry leading first – a 24-month complimentary service plan! Now you can have the utmost confidence in your decision to rock your new piece from Emery.

What is covered in your plan:

  • Laces – Regardless of how the lace is busted, your glove is covered for two full complimentary relaces during the 24 months following your purchase. You can even choose a different color each time! (one uniform color per relace)
  • Finger loops – Both finger loops are eligible for a one-time replacement.
  • Binding – Eligible for a one-time replacement in its entirety. Note, all lacing must be replaced for this service and counts as a free relace.
  • Webs – If your web busts or tears, we will repair the web. If it needs to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, we will replace for the same style.
  • Minor tears to the liner – May be patched and repaired as needed.
  • Stability Felt – Index, middle and ring finger stability felt may be replaced if the fingers get too soft.
  • Pocket Adhesive – If your pocket loses shape over time, we will replace it.

What is not covered in your plan:

  • Water damage, mold and mildew (come on now, that’s just gross right?)
  • Use of harsh chemicals not intended for baseball glove care. Examples are non-leather oils, water, petroleum jelly, shaving cream (don’t do that please)
  • Commercial “break-in” chemicals. i.e., “Hot glove” heat treatment (just play catch instead please ok?)
  • Dog damage, any bite or tooth marks voids the entire glove (We can’t allow for canines vs your Emery piece. Throw the tennis ball instead ok please?)
  • Un-natural breaking in practices. i.e., heat treatment, water break in treatment, running the glove over with an automobile, use of a “professional” break in service that is not by Emery Glove Co or endorsed by Emery Glove Co. (Trust us, we can tell. Just avoid at all costs ok?)
  • Glove is sold or traded from original purchaser.
  • Full liner replacement, web swap or additional services outside of scope may be performed, for a fee, on a case by case basis.
  • Metallic binding i.e; silver, gold or any other metal flaked leather, used in the binding of a glove. These wear rapidly and are a known risk industry-wide.

How to request service on your 1 of 1:

Please fill out the form below to request service on your 1 of 1 Emery Glove:

  1. Original order number
  2. Customer name and contact information
  3. Pictures of damaged or affected area(s) for service request approval

Once we receive this information, we will confirm via email and request for you to send your glove to our service facility at your own expense if approved. We will complete service, condition your leather and return back to you at our expense – max two complimentary return shipments per order.

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