Why a custom from Emery Glove Company?

While many other custom glove companies use a manufacturer’s stock leathers, we select only the finest leather and material to create your 1 of 1 masterpiece. Our designs and patters are fantastic, but it’s even more than that. It’s our daily pursuit of mastery, desire to innovate, and our constant commitment to providing the best value for our customers – such as our brand new, best-in-class Diamond Service Plan which you can read about here.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Glove?

We know you want your custom 1 of 1 masterpiece as soon as possible. We work hard from the minute you order to get the glove to you on average in 5-6 weeks.

Will I Know When My Glove Ships?

You will be notified via email when your glove ships, with your estimated arrival date and USPS tracking number. It is important to make sure you provide up-to-date and accurate information in the shipping process. If your address changes in the period between order and arrival, make sure you notify us immediately, by sending an email to [email protected]

What Is Your Return/Refund Policy?

Emery Glove Co offers THE BEST policy on the market. It’s our new, innovative, unique Diamond Service Plan. Read more about it here.

What Is Your Personalization & Design Policy?

By uploading a custom logo or personalized phrase to our website, you are agreeing that you have the required permission to do so. Emery Glove Co. reserves the right to request alternate personalization specifications for any reason, including, but not limited to:

  • Licensed logos or other intellectual property, such as the name of a professional athlete, or associated images and likeness (NIL).
  • Personalized text or custom embroidery that contains profanity or potentially offensive language.

Emery Glove Co. reserves the right to place an order on HOLD until any outstanding personalization issues are resolved.

What are the Different Leathers and Glove Tiers You Offer?

Japanese Kip ($399 Diamond series), US Kip ($299 Emerald series), and US Kip ($199 Topaz series). These are premium leathers, with a slightly different feel depending on your style.

What is the Difference Between Diamond, Emerald, and Topaz series?

Our Diamond series gloves are made with premium, buttery-soft Japanese Kip leather. They’re extremely lightweight and have an optimal stiffness that will mold to your hand during break in.

Our Emerald series consists of classic and durable US Kip. It gives you a softer feel and a bit more flexibility, without compromising the overall quality or ability to customize the shape to your hand.

Our Topaz series gloves are made from Smooth Cowhide and are a great choice for players who are just starting out or who need a glove for occasional use, but it may not hold up as well over time as more expensive leather options.

How Can I Order A Glove?

Go on our glove customizer at and use your imagination!

What if we have a special leather or webbing request?

Contact us at [email protected]! Exotic materials (shark leather, etc.), different glove webs, send us an e-mail. Be sure to send a high-resolution picture whenever possible. As always, special requests may be subject to additional charges.

Do You Work With Professional Athletes / Offer Sponsorships?

Emery customers include some of the best players in the world and some of the game’s top future stars. While we do not offer sponorships at this time, we are always focused on building relationships with those who truly love our products.

What Does Pursue Mastery Mean?

Pursue Mastery is our belief in the constant desire to get better every day at something that matters most to you. The pursuit of mastery guides us every day in our decisions at Emery Glove Company and we love building relationships with players who do the same in baseball or softball. The pursuit of excellence compounds daily.

Issues/Questions With Glove Customizer

If you’re not sure of something – ask! E-mail us at [email protected] with your questions. We will respond as quickly as humanly possible, if not faster.


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