Welcome back to the Leather Library! Here’s a question we get a lot – whether it’s through e-mail ([email protected]), via Instagram or TikTok DM (@emerygloveco), or at the great events we’ve attended at Diamond Nation or the Best in the US Showcase series.

Why should I get a custom glove? Or more specifically, why should I get an Emery Custom?

We know that if you’re like us, you work hard, and where you spend your money is important. So here are some major reasons to buy an Emery custom baseball glove.

Enhanced Performance and Position-Specific Features: Our founder, Kevin Schneider, has spent a lifetime in the game as a player and as a coach, at almost every possible level. He’s spent years designing and testing different models. Our head craftsman, Marcus “G” Gurule, is one of the foremost glove experts in the US. He’s done the same. They know that different positions on the field require different features. Infielders may prefer a smaller, shallow-pocketed glove for quick transfers and faster ball release. Outfielders may want a larger glove with a deeper pocket, while pitchers need something that makes pitch tipping almost impossible.

You can choose the webbing style and pocket depth that suits your needs, providing you with better ball control and easier ball retrieval. Additionally, custom gloves can be crafted with advanced technologies and innovations, such as specialized padding or finger support, to optimize your performance and protect against injuries. You’re simply a better player with a glove tailored to your needs.

Personalized Design and Fit: With a custom glove, you personalize the design according to your preferences. Custom gloves are made to the specifications of your hand. You can choose the color scheme, stitching patterns, webbing style, and even add your name, initials, or team logo. Your 1 of 1 Emery is more than just a highly efficient tool of greatness, it’s also a statement of who YOU are. We believe that authenticity is everything. We believe an Emery allows you to create yourself on the field.

Premium Quality Materials: Emery custom gloves are made with high-quality materials and G’s superior craftsmanship. You can select from a range of premium leathers and materials, such as top-grade steerhide or kip leather, which are known for their durability and performance. The customization process typically involves meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a glove that is built to last.

Value over Price: Cost in the absence of value is throwing money down the drain. Emery’s custom gloves may be more expensive than off-the-shelf gloves, or even other customs, but they are also built to last. Each of our gloves is an investment in you. Our free, unparalleled Diamond Maintenance Plan gives you peace of mind with 2 years of free repairs and relacings. That’s value. With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality custom glove can accompany you throughout your baseball journey. It can become a long-term investment that provides you with reliable performance and enjoyment for years to come.

We didn’t even mention the fact these things are scientifically proven* to add 5 mph to your fastball! We look forward to seeing you in an Emery and can’t wait to connect with you at [email protected]

*-Not actually scientifically proven????

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